St. Stephen's High School Class of 81

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Picture of 2006 Reunion (300 photos)

on 9/20/2006

Picture of 2006 Reunion 55 photos

California Jeff's visit Nov 2002


Alabama Oct 2002


California Reunion 2001

Add'l Pix Posted on 10/19/2001

HELP LABEL THE PIX! Reunion 2001

on 2/25/2002

California Reunion 2002


Recent Get Together in Manila


Personal Photo Album

on 02/20/2002

Memory Lane

Last Updated on 8/2/2001, pix quality improved

Pua Tiong Chiu

Last Updated on 10/11/2001

Batch Gift

Last Updated on 10/12/2001

Class Pictures

Last updated on 9/9/2001

SSHS today - photos by Kimson Co

pix taken in June 2001

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Class Advisers

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Our beloved teachers

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Administrative Staff in 1980-81

Last Updated on 7/20/2001

Memorial Page

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